The process industry is built on process units. At the heart of the process is the reactor, a vessel in which a chemical or physical reaction takes place. There are several types of reactors, and over 80% are either a CSTR (continuous stirred-tank reactor) or a PFR (Plug flow reactor).

The reactor is connected to a variety of sensors and each sensor monitors one specific aspect of the reactor’s behavior. The entire process is controlled from the control room, according to the process recipe coded in the control systems.


Neural Flow is an Israeli-based industry4.0 software solution from MGT Liquid & Process Systems Group, an industry leader with over 52 years of experience in manufacturing custom reactors, mixing systems and process solutions.

As process and chemical engineers and mathematicians, our mission is to streamline process management, utilizing information that is usually overlooked in the standard way of doing things. Our software platform is designed to assist engineers in their daily work, and provide tools to improve process results and company profitability.

The Neural Flow system is implemented in the chemical, pharmaceutical, paint & ink, cosmetics and F&B industries, and is suitable for any process involving reactors.